Tru Ball Go2 Release Index/ Pinky Trigger

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Handheld release that can be fired as either an index trigger or a pinky trigger with the simple adjustment of two set screws. Offers individual sensitivity and travel adjustments for each trigger option, and both feature lock screws to ensure a secure setting. All-aluminum handle release comes standard with three sized finger rings (small, medium, or large), allowing the archer to choose the ring size that best fits their hand. Simply load the release by depressing the cocking bar and manually closing the bail around the d-loop. Slide the offset knurled thumb peg in and out along the slot to adjust the length of trigger reach, and personalize it further by selecting 1 of the 3 locations to position the thumb.

Features:Fire with either index or pinky trigger by set screw adjustments;Individual sensitivity and travel adjustments for eah trigger option;All aluminum handle standard with three finger rings small, medium, large;Offset knurled thumb peg that adjusts