SureFire Rail Grabber Switch Dual Plug Ue Xm Xt Tclp 7in Cbl

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The DS-SR07-D-IT is a waterproof switch assembly for simultaneous use of SureFire Scout Light® WeaponLights and an ATPIAL or DBAL laser. It includes a system-disable feature, a click-on/off pushbutton switch, and a plug-in SR07-D-IT dual-control switch assembly with a 7-inch momentary-on and a dome-style on/off remote tape switch. The integrated pushbutton and remote switch assemblies operate independently, providing switch redundancy.
  • The SR07-D-IT provides remote momentary-on activation, either separately or simultaneously, for SureFire WeaponLight and an Insight ATPIAL laser illuminator/pointer
  • 7" Pressure-activated switch attaches to firearm via adhesive-backed Velcro pad
  • Switch platform with 7" cable Snap-on to to Picatinny rail without tools
  • Waterproof o-ring sealed housing
  • Will work with SureFire M Series Scoutlight WeaponLights with UE or DS switch assembly (switch assembly not included)