Specialty Archery Timberdoodle Ii Rest Black Rh

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The Timberdoodle arrow rest is specifically designed for finger shooters. The rest compensates for all forces exerted on an arrow at launch, and speeds the arrow on its way without interference of any kind. It is lightweight and made of rugged 6061 T-6 aluminum. The rest features a zero play pivoting yoke assembly for extremely quiet and worry-free shooting. The rest comes standard with 1 Hunter Fin (on bottom) and 1 Speed Fin (on the side) for perfect arrow flight with a finger release. Has over 1” of vertical adjustment. Includes 4 strips of smoke quiet silencing tape to ensure a quiet draw when hunting.

Features:Designed for finger shooters;Made of rugged 6061 T-6 aluminum;Over 1” of vertical adjustment

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