Pse Stinger Atk Bow Pro Package Black 23-30 In. 70lb Rh

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PSE Stinger ATK Right Hand Bow Pro Package in TrueTimber Strata. Max draw weight is 70lb. Draw Length 23-30 in. Brace Height 6.625 in. Speed up to 312 FPS Axel to Axel 32". Kit includes: Torment Quiver, Phantom Drop-Away Rest, Recon 6? Stabilizer, Sierra Micro 5-Pin Sight, PSE Neoprene Sling, Mongoose Peep and Nocking Loop

Features:Black Right Hand Bow Package;Adjustable draw weight;Adjustable Draw Length 23-30 in.;TruGlo EZ rest;Mongoose peep and nocking loop;5 pin Sierra Lite Sight;5 arrow quiver;FX4 stabilizer