Lyman Ar Reloading Handbook 2nd Edition

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The AR Reloading Handbook 2nd edition is dedicated entirely too the most popular semi-auto rifles including the 223, 224 Valkyrie, 6.8 Rem, 300 AAC, 7.62x39, 350 Legend, 450 Bushmaster, 50 Beowulf and more. This handbook provides shooters with reloading data for nearly all AR based calibers as well as articles written by well-known authorities covering topics such as “Building an AR” and “AR15 Gas System Lengths”.

Features:Reloading handbook dedicated to the Modern Sporting Rifle;Reloading data for nearly all AR based calibers;Specialty articles written by popular writers;Data uses all popular brands of bullets and powders;Includes cast bullet data and sub-sonic load