Hunter Specialties Dod Tongue Cutter Call Turkey Diaphragm Call

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The H.S. Strut Drury Outdoors Signature Cutter Diaphragm Turkey Call is designed by 6-time world champion Mark Drury and approved by the DOD Team. This mouth calls is designed with cutting edge technology and Mark has found that by tightening up the reed spacing and leaving a flat tongue instead of a pointed tongue he gets more performance out of this series of mouth as will you. The Tongue Cutter is a typical Cutter call cut Mark designed back in the 80's with his signature notch back in the corner. Features an aluminum frame, hand stretched reeds on the HS precision press, 3 reeds of .003 latex, extra tight reed spacing and cutter call with Mark Drury signature notch.

Features:Aluminum frame;3 reeds of .003 latex;Hand stretched on the HS precision press;Extra tight reed spacing;Cutter call with Mark Drury signature notch

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